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Logan Zenner Seeds Success Story

  The Customer The Logan Zenner Seeds, Inc. roots were founded in 1929 and had been operating continuously since that time. The merger of several seed distributors –Zenner Bros & Logan Co. has led to today’s Logan-Zenner Seeds, Inc. Logan Zenner serves the commercial grower and home gardeners in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington,

Nunhems Success Story

  The Customer With over 1,200 seed varieties in ~25 vegetable crops, Nunhems is a world-renowned brand in the hybrid seed industry. Nunhems breeding programs can deliver innovative products that improve customer business growth and profitability.   The Challenge The Chinese processing and packaging team size is very limited. The workers need to do many

Storm Seeds Success Story

  The Customer Founded in 1996, Storm Seeds is the biggest vegetable seed company in Belgium. Storm Seeds is breeding, producing, packing, and selling peas & green beans varieties to growers, industries, and dealers across the world. The broad product line contains varieties suitable for various climate conditions and uses.   The Challenge Pieter Storm,

Semillas Fitó Success Story

  The Customer Established in 1880, Semillas FITÓ is Spain’s number 1 seed company, and it specializes in producing vegetable seed, breeding it for the requirements of nurseries. Over the years, Semillas FITÓ expanded, entering the hybrid industry with new and improved tomato, melon, and breaded pepper seeds. Today Fito is an international company providing

Genesis Seeds Success Story

The Customer Genesis Seeds is a production and Research Company based in Israel, which specializes in vegetable, herb and flower seed, and offers F-1 hybrid, open-pollinated and heirloom varieties. The production procedures are held in strict conditions, according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 standards. Genesis customers speared from North America to western Europe and

Shaar Ha’amakim Seeds Success Story

  The Customer Sha’ar Ha’amakim Seeds Ltd specializes in breeding, production, and marketing of confectionery sunflower seeds. Among their seeds, you can find some of the most extended sunflower seeds in the world.   The Challenge Sunflower seeds are packed by seed count, while each bag usually contains 100,000 seeds. As Sunflower seeds variation in

Origene Success Story

  The Customer Origene is an innovative international seed company, active in research, plant breeding, seed production and processing, sales, and marketing of hybrid vegetable varieties. The company’s strategy is to develop new hybrids with novel traits of quality, taste, flavor, uniformity, high nutrition values, and shelf life combined with high-yield and environmentally friendly. The

Hishtil Success Story

  The Customer Hishtil is a leading and innovative international nurseries company that produces young plants to professional growers. Hishtil skillfully utilizes vegetable grafting technologies and develops products and methods in response to growers’ needs. The company focuses on the smart use of expensive hybrid seeds, solutions to soil-borne diseases, environment-friendly agriculture, growing inputs saving,

AB Seeds Success Story

    The Customer AB Seeds is a breeding company for a wide range of tomato varieties, designed for the open fields and the unheated protected crop. The company prides itself on working with the best germplasm and techniques as part of its development process. AB Seeds focuses on delivering excellence with efficiency to succeed

Herbert Stephan Success Story

  The Customer It needs a lot of skill and expertise to give each stone its unique brilliance. Stephan employees possess these gem cutting skills and for 75 years, our company – Herbert Stephan KG – has been supplying precision-cut synthetic gemstones to the jewelry industry. The company’s mission is to deliver the perfect stone,

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