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News - Semillas Fitó Success Story

1 June 2020

Semillas Fitó Success Story

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The Customer

Established in 1880, Semillas FITÓ is Spain’s number 1 seed company, and it specializes in producing vegetable seed, breeding it for the requirements of nurseries. Over the years, Semillas FITÓ expanded, entering the hybrid industry with new and improved tomato, melon, and breaded pepper seeds. Today Fito is an international company providing top-quality seeds to many companies in the agriculture industry, both in the professional as well as for the hobby market. Also, Fito is directly active in the whole chain, from research and development until delivery to the customer.


The Challenge

Due to the outmoded technology available, and despite selling products by number, most of Semillas FITÓ packaging process was carried out by weighing systems. Using this method causes many losses as companies overfill each package to ensure that the end customer will receive the number of seeds he paid for. Furthermore, due to old-school technology, Fito’s packaging rate for the relatively larger seeds was slow and reached to a minimal counting rate of two bags of 1,000 cucumber seeds per minute, a rate that impacted the production line and caused for long delivery times.

The Solution

DATA’s Multi-Channel Seed Counter S-260 integrative industrial counting solution provided Fito with a counter capable of reaching high levels of packaging rates with astonishing accuracy.

The Results

Fito can now pack all seed packages in exact counts, reducing the need to over-fill. By implementing a high-tech counting solution, the counting rate reached eight bags of 1,000 cucumber seeds per minute, resulting in the ability to pack more orders than before.
Due to the counting rate provided by DATA’s S-260 seed counter, Semillas FITÓ is now able to achieve in 1 work shift what it used to produce in 2 work shifts before.