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Small Parts Counter U-60 Spider Trolley

Designed for high mobility, the Small Parts Counter U-60 Spider Trolley is an ideal counting solution for easily and efficiently dispatching parts from the warehouse.

Incorporating DATA’s vision-based counting system with a dedicated trolley, this counting system can be transported from one location to another without the need for re-calibration, allowing the operator to conduct the picking process straight at the ‘source’, eliminating logistics involved in dispatching parts to a remote station and then back to the warehouse. As a result, the picking process is much more efficient, with minimal downtime.

The Small Parts Counter U-60 Spider Trolley is designed to fit Autobag PS-125 bagger, delivering a manual counting & bagging complete solution. The system is ideal for stations that require frequent changeover between parts, and bagging of low part quantities (usually 10-several hundred parts per bag).



  • Warehousing
    Manage stock in exact count rather than weight estimation process: gain full inventory control, efficient product commissioning, and up-to-date stock management.
  • Picking
    Shorten the order picking process using a flexible tool-free system, offering accurate counting results with a one-time setup process per object, which is then saved for future use. The user-friendly HMI allows for fast and easy changeover between parts.
  • Part weight reference count
    Optimize reference count by increasing part sample quantity, resulting in decreased part weight variance while simultaneously minimizing human error.



  • 99.9% accuracy
  • Parts size range: 5mm-25mm
  • Quick set-up: takes approximately 60 sec
  • One-time setup per part
  • Share object recipes between machines on the same network
  • Object versatility: one system can count numerous object types
  • Quick switch between objects
  • Counting data is saved and easily retrieved
  • Barcode verification
  • Industry 4.0 compatibility, OPC UA Protocol
  • The bagger is not provided with the purchase and is available for separate sale through a third-party vendor


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Technical specifications

  • Input Voltage USA: 115 VAC 60Hz
  • EU: 230 VAC 50Hc
  • Electrical connection signal phase
  • power 60W
  • Weight 93 kg
  • Dimensions 160 cm (h) x 20 cm (W) x 89 cm (L)

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