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Proven technology
DATA is the leading supplier of counting solutions to the seed industry, with more than 1,000 installations worldwide
Significant savings
Perfectly accurate counting (100%) eliminates costly overfills
Enhanced throughput
Fast, vision-based bulk counting means more orders processed per shift, with full process management
Cost-effective investment
A single counting system can be easily configured to handle many different types of seeds


When DATA presented the first S-series seed counters or seed counting machines, the seed industry was revolutionized. DATA has replaced the inefficient, costly weight and volume-based seed packaging procedures (which causes overfilling by 3-5%) with an advanced, vision-based bulk seed counting technology, providing unmatched speed and accuracy.

Using DATA’s proprietary 360° image processing ICI technology, our seed counters and counting machines will make sure seeds are counted in real-time as they free-fall vertically through the detection unit at a uniform rate. Count accuracy levels of 100% are achieved in the same timeframe as seed weighing or volumetric methodologies.


Eliminates costly overfilling
S-series seed counters increase revenue and profits by eliminating overfilling,… [+]
Unprecedented flexibility
Each seed counter / seed counting machine is designed to… [+]
Better process management
Stored count and packaging data is easily retrieved by third-party… [+]
Increased throughput
Increase throughput and shorten response times from order to delivery… [+]
Improved quality control
An S-series seeds counting machine can process very large quantities… [+]
Enhanced field trial Support
An S-series seeds counting machine provides automatic, error-free seed counting… [+]

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