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News - Innova Seeds Success Story

24 May 2020

Innova Seeds Success Story

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How the Data Detection Technologies Industrial-Scale Seed Counter Helped Innova Improve Efficiency 100%

Innova is an international marketing company for vegetable seeds. They do local processing in the United States and export to 42 markets all around the globe. Regions in turmoil often have to place spot orders instead of placing pre-orders. This has led Innova to invest in streamlining their operation to increase efficiency and reduce costs of filling spot orders. 


Inaccurate Seed Counts Led to Waste and Customer Disappointment

In the past, the industry standard for seed counting was average weight. However, the average weight is not an accurate or efficient way to count seeds. Innova, like other seed companies, would often lose seeds when using average weight, increasing costs.

Using the average weight for seed count also leads to customer disappointment. Customers often count purchased seeds to make sure they are getting what they paid for. They don’t care about average weight. They want the number of seeds promised in the marketing materials. 

Innova CEO, Khaled Kazzaz, explained that if a shipment only has 4,999 seeds instead of 5000, the customer is going to say, “you’re not accurate.” The customers feel they are not getting a good value. This is true even if the seed count is higher – “if they find 5,020 seeds, they’re still going to say it’s not accurate.”

Lack of seed count accuracy erodes trust between the buyer and the seed company. 


Why Other Seed Counters Wouldn’t Work for Innova

Innova investigated two other seed count options, and neither offered the same combination of options and speed that the Data Technologies machine offers.  

One option out of the Netherlands used old infra-red technology, ran at a low speed, and did not provide a packaging solution. To use this model, Innova would have to design their own packaging solution and adapt it to the machine. It would also require longer wait times for customers.

The other option Innova considered was from Japan. However, it was not an industrial-scale solution, and it was too slow and inefficient to meet Innova’s needs. 


How a Data Technologies Changed Everything 

Kazzaz said, “The solution found me, rather than me finding the solution.” He was attending the 2009 American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) conference and watched a demonstration.

“They gave me a less than 10-minute demo on a machine that really impressed me, and I decided to move immediately with that purchase,” Kazzaz remembered. 

It turned out to be an excellent investment for the CEO, “It actually improved efficiency by 100%. We never had seed counting before, and we started having seed counting. It increased our profitability because rather than the production and reception of the product by the customer being measured by weight, we could now convert that and measure by units. We save expenses when we pack each order and mark it with the real number of seeds in it. It increases the customer’s appreciation of our brand to find that when we say 5,000, it is 5,000. when we say it’s 1,000, it’s absolutely 1,000.”

However, it was not just the quality of the machine that impressed Kazzaz. The outstanding customer service has made him a loyal customer all of these years. 

He noted, “What I liked because it was a new product, a new technology in seed counting, and I was the first customer who bought this unit in the US. They offered to deliver, install, set it up for us until we were completely satisfied. We closed the deal, which was outstanding for me. It reduced the risk on my shoulders, and that was the first one…we ended up having three seed counters in our operation from DATA.”


Data Technologies helped turn a weakness at Innova into a strength. The precise seed counter reduced waste, increased profits, and strengthened the trust between Innova and its customers. 

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