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Seed Counter and Filler S-25

The S-25 Seed Counter and Filler quickly and accurately count seeds of all sizes, automatically filling separate bags with user-defined seed quantities. The S-25 Seed Counter and Filler have a reliable system developed for seed manufacturers and suppliers for whom counting and packaging precise numbers of seeds is vital. The 30-funnel carousel rotates continuously until the order is complete.

S-25 Seed Counter and Filler main features are:

  • 99.8% – 100% accuracy
  • Operators can attend to other tasks while filling takes place
  • Ideal for semi-automatic packaging of medium-sized orders
  • Low-maintenance and easy-to-clean


Precisely counts all seed shapes from 0.5 mm – 18… [+]
Rapidly counts and fills massive quantities of seeds at user-defined… [+]
30 funnels per carousel [+]
Touch-panel operator console
Option for manual filling

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 115/230 VAC, 1 phase
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 120W
  • Circuit breaker rate: Minimum 10A slow-blow
  • Air connector: 6mm
  • Air consumption: ~4.5 L/min
  • Dimensions (cm): 50 x 67 x 160 (WxDxH)
  • Hopper size: 1000cc, 1 liter
  • Weight: ~60 kg
  • Packet size (mm):
    • Minimum: 85 x 100 (WxH)
    • Maximum: 170 x 260

Average counting speed capabilities

(bags per minute)

Cherry tomato 15 8 3 0.66
Tomato 12 5 3 0.6
Pepper 9 4 2 0.5

Our Clients

  • "I love the professionalism of your company. The way everything went from A-Z about customer service by you and your colleague Tal was amazing. I am looking forward to doing business with DATA Detection Technologies in the future again!"
    Katrin Brandl, Owner, The Secret Garden
  • "We were getting demands and questions like can you pack in 5,000, 30,000 and 50,000 seeds. It became clear that DATA could offer us a solution that we could develop ourselves with"
    Peter van Zeijl, CEO, Ikasido Global Group B.V.
  • “We were looking for a seed counter which accurately counts so that our customer can get the correct number of seeds. Buying DATA's seed counters, you are getting accurate counts, ultimately working well with customers.”
    Daleep Singh, Team Lead Processing BASF’s Vegetable Seeds, Nunhems
  • "With DATA's seed counting machines we were able to decrease the percentage of overfill because the count was so much more accurate. The return on investment was seen fairly quickly."
    John Fleischmann, Seed Quality and Pathology Supervisor, Heinz Seeds
  • "Since hybrid seeds are costly, that they should be counted and not weighed. The results are very accurate, and now we are sure that the customer gets the amount of seeds he was promised."
    Moshe Naar, Head of Production and QC, Hazera Genetics
  • "DATA's seed counter Increased the output and lowered our costs."
    Robert Campana, CFO ,PanDia Seeds
  • "We hope through return on the investment in two, three years."
    Marcel Looije, iventory Stock Seed/Production, Axia Vegetable Seeds BV
  • “We can easily change the recipe these days and then we can see what's happening and get visual feedback. I think the user interface was very friendly.”
    David Epema, Head Germination Testing & Seed Analysis, Rijk Zwaan
  • "We chose DATA's seed counter because it's very efficient, accurate, precise and fast."
    Marcel Looije, iventory Stock Seed/Production, Axia Vegetable Seeds BV
  • "The company packs about 150,000 packs monthly. While processing so many packages of so many seeds, one should maintain a very high quality of the seeds meaning all the processing levels should be maintained at very high quality and more than that, our operation is targeted at excellence."
    Moshe Naar, Head of Production and QC, Hazera Genetics
  • "The quick changeovers allow us to pack several products a day, which was done first with blood, sweat, and tears."
    Gil Zeller, CEO. BARA Herbs
  • "DATA Detection Technologies is impressive in terms of the built quality of the seed counting machines and the way the counting is measured and recorded. You can notice when you study it that it's hard to have any mistakes in the system."
    Peter van Zeijl, CEO, Ikasido Global Group B.V.
  • "Everything’s about quality, every number we produce, every test we do must be 100% correct. Everything we do must be usable; everything we do must very stable, very conditioned, we can achieve all that with DATA's seed counters."
    David Epema, Head Germination Testing & Seed Analysis, Rijk Zwaan
  • "In the past, the seed industry used an average weight which is never accurate and you tended to lose more seeds when you sold to the customers."
    Khaled Kazzaz, CEO, Innova Seeds Co.
  • "It makes it a much more flexible machine for us than anything that we’ve ever had."
    Christopher Baurer, Director of Operations, Proficient Rx
  • "We purchased several units over the years. The machines are very reliable. We have been working with DATA's machines for three years and did not need to perform any maintenance activities. Unlike the situation with multi-channel machines where we are forced to perform maintenance operations and disable the lines once every 4-6 months."
    Vikas, maintenance engineer, Hetero

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