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News - Embracing Innovation: Rijk Zwaan and DATA’s ICI Technology

29 May 2023

Embracing Innovation: Rijk Zwaan and DATA’s ICI Technology


In the challenging world of seed production, quality and efficiency stand as twin pillars of success. This is well understood by Rijk Zwaan, a Dutch vegetable breeding and seed production company with a footprint in over 100 countries, and an impressive portfolio of over 25 different types of vegetable seeds.

Facing the task of maintaining impeccable quality while scaling their operations, Rijk Zwaan encountered major hurdles in the seed counting process. As David Epema, a company representative, put it, “Everything’s about quality… and as the company is growing, the amount of seeds and samples are growing.” Previous counting methods were time-consuming, with certain tasks taking up to two to three hours.


The ICI Revolution

The solution lay in embracing innovation. Rijk Zwaan turned to DATA’s groundbreaking Image Counting Inside (ICI) technology, which found its expression in the S-660 seed counter. This technology uses advanced mathematical algorithms to analyze multiple views of falling objects, achieving impressive counting accuracy in the range of 99.8% to 100%, and unprecedented speed.

“The S-660 seed counter, with its ICI technology, has transformed our counting process,” Epema shared. “The high-speed solution didn’t compromise accuracy or quality. With this seed counting machine, a task that once took hours now completes in less than 20 minutes.”

Boasting a processing speed of up to 30,000 objects per second per module and scalable from 1 to 8 modules, the S-660 seed counter brings incredible efficiency to seed counting.


Transforming Operations

This transformative technology has had ripple effects throughout Rijk Zwaan’s operations. Faster and precise seed counting has improved interdepartmental collaboration, streamlining work processes across the company.

Moreover, the S-660 seed counter has impressed with its user-friendly interface and the flexibility to adjust to different seed varieties. “Our team quickly adapted to the new machine, and we appreciate its versatility across our diverse seed portfolio,” Epema added.


Setting a Benchmark

Rijk Zwaan’s experience with DATA’s ICI technology and the S-660 seed counter serves as a case study for the seed production industry. It underlines how innovation can revolutionize traditional processes, ushering in a new era of speed, efficiency, and accuracy in seed counting.

Reflecting on the transformation, Epema concluded, “Incorporating DATA’s ICI technology was a game-changer. It has set a new benchmark for seed counting, offering us unparalleled speed and accuracy, and setting us up for the future.” This progressive step by Rijk Zwaan signals a turning point in the industry, underlining the transformative power of state-of-the-art seed counting machines.

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