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News - DATA’s ICI Technology Revolutionizes Seed Counting for Syngenta

29 May 2023

DATA’s ICI Technology Revolutionizes Seed Counting for Syngenta


In the fast-paced world of agrochemicals and seeds, companies are constantly on the lookout for groundbreaking solutions to enhance efficiency and meet customer demands. Syngenta, a global leader in the industry, faced a unique challenge when it came to accurately and efficiently counting seeds. To address this challenge head-on, they turned to the innovative Image Counting Inside (ICI) technology developed by DATA.

With a specific focus on vegetable seeds, Syngenta recognized the need for a seed counting solution capable of accommodating various seed sizes, from large to small. After hearing about the remarkable success of DATA’s ICI technology in Switzerland, where it was utilized for packing and grain weight determination, Syngenta made the strategic decision to invest in the S60 seed counter.

“One of our main goals was to find a seed counting solution that could accommodate various seed sizes and deliver precise counts,” explained the process specialist at Syngenta. “After hearing about DATA’s ICI technology and its success in Switzerland, we knew it was the right fit for us.”

The implementation of the S60 seed counter brought substantial benefits to Syngenta’s operations. The process specialist shared, “The precision of the seed counts is remarkable. With the S60, we can now deliver the exact quantity requested by our laboratories for testing. Whether it’s 900 seeds or 30,000 seeds, we can provide what is needed, down to the last seed. That level of accuracy has greatly improved our sample preparation process.”

Not only did the ICI technology deliver accuracy, but it also translated into significant cost savings for Syngenta. “By implementing the S60 seed counter, we estimate savings of over €10,000 per year. It’s a substantial reduction in costs, and we are thrilled with the financial benefits,” added the process specialist.

The ease of use and reliability of the S60 seed counter were further highlighted by the team at Syngenta. “The machine’s user-friendly interface and its ability to handle diverse seed sizes have made it a valuable addition to our operations. It has simplified our laboratory test preparations and enhanced overall efficiency,” remarked a laboratory technician.

This success story underscores the transformative power of DATA’s ICI technology in the seed counting process for Syngenta. With its ability to provide precise and reproducible seed counts, the S60 seed counter has revolutionized the way Syngenta operates, ensuring accuracy, driving cost savings, and enhancing overall efficiency.

As the seed production industry continues to evolve, technologies like ICI are reshaping the landscape. With testimonials from industry leaders highlighting the positive impact of DATA’s seed counting solutions, it is evident that innovation is a key driver in meeting the industry’s growing demand for accuracy and efficiency.

“DATA’s ICI technology and the S60 seed counter have completely transformed our seed counting process. The precision and accuracy it offers are truly remarkable.” – Process Specialist, Syngenta

“The user-friendly interface of the S60 seed counter has simplified our laboratory test preparations, making our workflow more efficient.” – Laboratory Technician, Syngenta

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