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News - Namdeo Umaji Agritech Success Story

21 May 2020

Namdeo Umaji Agritech Success Story

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The Customer

Namdeo Umaji Agritech India Pvt, India’s oldest vegetable seeds company, established in 1885. Namdeo Umaji is fully aware of our duties and responsibilities to Indian Agriculture committed to helping every farmer in India reach the very pinnacle of productivity and success.


The Challenge

As the central part of our business is reselling Marigold seeds, we were looking for a long time for a competitive seed counting solution. It is well known that when packing Marigold seeds using a weight-on-count basis, there is a significant variation that forces us as suppliers to overpack 5% extra. A counting machine that can count the seeds without compensating on the packing time was almost like a dream.

The Solution

“In one of the first meetings we had with DATA Detection Technologies, we could see the benefits of its seed counting machine”, explains Ganesh Ladkat, Namdeo Umaji’s GM. The machine was small enough to fit our existing operation area, and its speed and price were very competitive compared to the prices we have known from the past.

The Results

“Two years passed, and DATA Detection Technologies presented the DATA Count B 25+ which can count not only marigold seeds but also other vegetable seeds. We knew it is only a matter of time before we will get it. Now, after using it over a year, we do not understand how we could work without it. We managed to reduce the overfill in each bag, and our savings are enormous. More than that, our customers are so happy to know they get a precise amount of seeds in each bag, and the trust in our brand keeps rising. We warmly recommend to those who deal with Marigold seeds to look at this unit and trust me; it will pay itself faster than you can imagine.” says Ganesh Ladkat, Namdeo Umaji’s GM.