News - AB Seeds Success Story

29 May 2020

AB Seeds Success Story


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The Customer

AB Seeds is a breeding company for a wide range of tomato varieties, designed for the open fields and the unheated protected crop. The company prides itself on working with the best germplasm and techniques as part of its development process. AB Seeds focuses on delivering excellence with efficiency to succeed in a highly competitive market place.


The Challenge

One of AB Seeds’ major technical challenges is the need to count seeds (and pack) many times for screening trials, growers’ samples, seed production, and various research needs. Speed and accuracy are paramount to the efficiency and success of their business.

The Solution

AB Seeds selected the JR Seed Counter. The counting machine provides them with the speed and accuracy required in counting the seeds for the various research and trial needs.

The Results

By using DATA’s counting solution, AB Seeds was able to pack seeds according to the desired quantity, without the necessity of overfilling or providing additional seeds at no cost. What once was intended to be used as an extra percentage given for free to one client is now used to complete new orders.