News - Storm Seeds Success Story

28 May 2020

Storm Seeds Success Story

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The Customer

Founded in 1996, Storm Seeds is the biggest vegetable seed company in Belgium. Storm Seeds is breeding, producing, packing, and selling peas & green beans varieties to growers, industries, and dealers across the world. The broad product line contains varieties suitable for various climate conditions and uses.


The Challenge

Pieter Storm, Owner and Managing Director of the company comments on the importance of a correct TSW for his operations and logistics:
“Most of our product is sold in units. Units of 100.000 or 200.000 seeds per package. If you have seed lots of 25.000 kg, your TSW is very important. If your overfill is too high, you give a lot of tons for free. So, in fact, for us, the TSW value is of great economic importance”.

The Solution

Storm Seeds recently purchased the DATA’s S-25 Seed Counter with Dual Outlet and weighing scale. It is used mainly for TSW determination and packing of small orders of for example tomato seeds.

The Results

“We are happy with DATA’s counting solutions. Their product is easy to use and a lot quicker than our other counters. The calibration for the different types of seeds takes a bit more time if you use that type of seeds for the first time. But you will easily make up for that in future counts”. explains Pieter Storm, Owner and Managing Director of Storm Seeds.