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News - Logan Zenner Seeds Success Story

22 May 2020

Logan Zenner Seeds Success Story



The Customer

The Logan Zenner Seeds, Inc. roots were founded in 1929 and had been operating continuously since that time. The merger of several seed distributors –Zenner Bros & Logan Co. has led to today’s Logan-Zenner Seeds, Inc.
Logan Zenner serves the commercial grower and home gardeners in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. Besides customer service based direct sales professionals in these areas, they operate a Web-Based Mail order business from their new Headquarters in Pasco.


The Challenge

The company serves both commercial growers and home gardeners. Logan Zenner supplies a full line of commercial vegetable seeds, exclusive vegetable varieties, heirlooms, flowers, and herbs to growers from leading industry breeder-producer professional suppliers.

The Solution

DATA’s count and fill S-25 seed counting machine offer precise counting, to an accuracy level of 99.9%. Logan Zenner purchased the Count & Fill S-25 Seed Counter, which allows the company to pack small bags of seeds in exact quantities.

The Results

“The Count and Fill S-25 Seed Counter increased our speed of pre-packing for the coming season by 100 Percent! The Flexibility of the machine permits timely response to both commercial and mail order businesses. The smaller seeds, such as tomato, pepper, squash, and onion, are accurately and quickly counted and packed. Our warehouse lead, Van, finds it easy to use and maintain. He saves the calibration info after he runs a new species or hybrid, and this saves time when he needs to pack more of this variety. DATA’s Count and Fill S-25 Seed counting machine is the most accurate counter we have ever had in our operation” explains Gerry Logan, Chief Officer of Logan Zenner Seeds.