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EZ Diamonds Success Story

The Customer EZ Diamonds is among the world’s largest manufacturers of small round diamonds (up to 2.00 ct) produced by highly skilled craftsmen in China’s most advanced facilities. Due to its large precision-sorted stocks, EZ Diamonds can quickly fill any and every customer request. With over 3,000 precision-sorted parcels in stock, the sorting code we

The Importance of Seed Counting in India

India is going through a vast agricultural revolution; when it comes to seeds – Indian farmers understand the difference between high quality and high-volume. Seed companies of all sizes that invest heavily in R&D understand that counting seeds is an essential tool for saving money, especially at the final stage of the process when seeds

Monsanto visit during seed meets technology

DATA, in collaboration with Monsanto facility in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands, invited dozens of seed companies for a tour in Monsanto production line. The tour was a part of Seed Meets Technology trade show. During the tour, the visitors could see DATA’s counting machines which are being used in Monsanto’s production line on a daily basis.

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