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News - EZ Diamonds Success Story

30 May 2020

EZ Diamonds Success Story

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The Customer

EZ Diamonds is among the world’s largest manufacturers of small round diamonds (up to 2.00 ct) produced by highly skilled craftsmen in China’s most advanced facilities. Due to its large precision-sorted stocks, EZ Diamonds can quickly fill any and every customer request.
With over 3,000 precision-sorted parcels in stock, the sorting code we have developed surpasses any industry standard, making it easy for customers to indicate exactly what they want, and to receive exactly what they ordered, and quickly.


The Challenge

Before shipping rough stones from our Headquarters, each and every stone needs to be counted.
Since estimating by weight has too big variations, which we cannot accept, all the stones have to be counted.

The Solution

EZ Diamonds purchased the Diamond Counter in order to be able to count its rough stones.
The machine can count thousands of carats in just minutes and enables us to count the stones rather than weigh them.

The Results

“After testing DATA’s counting machine for a few days, we understood that this is precisely the product that we were looking for counting our diamonds” explains Robert Riff, Chief Rough & Manufacturing Officer.

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