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DATA’s ICI Technology Revolutionizes Seed Counting for Syngenta

  In the fast-paced world of agrochemicals and seeds, companies are constantly on the lookout for groundbreaking solutions to enhance efficiency and meet customer demands. Syngenta, a global leader in the industry, faced a unique challenge when it came to accurately and efficiently counting seeds. To address this challenge head-on, they turned to the innovative

Counting Diamonds: A Sparkling Leap in Precision

  Historically, the diamond industry has been characterized by meticulous precision, especially when it comes to counting thousands of precious gemstones. However, the long-standing approach of counting gemstones by weight has often led to significant errors, sparking a need for a more accurate method. Enter DATA’s groundbreaking technology, a diamond counting machine that is poised

Ensuring Precision in Diamond Counting: An Extensive Q&A Guide

The diamond industry, known for its precision and meticulous operations, has long been grappling with challenges in accurately counting gemstones. With the advent of DATA’s innovative diamond counting machine, the industry is poised for a transformation. The aim of this document is to provide comprehensive insights into the workings of this groundbreaking technology and how

Embracing the Future of Counting: DATA’s Product Range Streamlines Industrial Processes

  As industries evolve, their counting needs become increasingly complex. Recognizing these intricacies, DATA has introduced a dynamic range of small parts counting products that promise precision, efficiency, and versatility. Each solution in their lineup—from manual to semi-automatic and automatic—is engineered with particular scenarios in mind, empowering industries to choose the technology that best aligns

Embracing Innovation: Rijk Zwaan and DATA’s ICI Technology

  In the challenging world of seed production, quality and efficiency stand as twin pillars of success. This is well understood by Rijk Zwaan, a Dutch vegetable breeding and seed production company with a footprint in over 100 countries, and an impressive portfolio of over 25 different types of vegetable seeds. Facing the task of

Cutting-Edge, ICI-Powered Counters Automate Small Parts Counting

  The Revolution in Parts Counting: Simplifying Processes and Breaking Norms In a landmark technological leap, DATA has introduced the groundbreaking Image Counting Inside (ICI) technology. This significant advancement in manufacturing parts counting capabilities brings to the fore a pioneering approach to counting small parts and pieces in real time, as they freely fall through

Innova Seeds Success Story

  How the Data Detection Technologies Industrial-Scale Seed Counter Helped Innova Improve Efficiency 100% Innova is an international marketing company for vegetable seeds. They do local processing in the United States and export to 42 markets all around the globe. Regions in turmoil often have to place spot orders instead of placing pre-orders. This has

Namdeo Umaji Agritech Success Story

  The Customer Namdeo Umaji Agritech India Pvt, India’s oldest vegetable seeds company, established in 1885. Namdeo Umaji is fully aware of our duties and responsibilities to Indian Agriculture committed to helping every farmer in India reach the very pinnacle of productivity and success.   The Challenge As the central part of our business is

Rijk Zwaan Success Story

  The Customer Rijk Zwaan is a Dutch vegetable breeding and seed production company headquartered in De Lier in the province of South Holland. Rijk Zwaan is the number four vegetable breeding company worldwide. The family-owned company breeds over 25 different types of vegetables, including lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, and cabbage.   The Challenge

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