News - Rijk Zwaan Success Story

1 June 2020

Rijk Zwaan Success Story

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The Customer

Rijk Zwaan is a Dutch vegetable breeding and seed production company headquartered in De Lier in the province of South Holland. Rijk Zwaan is the number four vegetable breeding company worldwide. The family-owned company breeds over 25 different types of vegetables, including lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, and cabbage.


The Challenge

Due to the outmoded technology available, and despite selling products by number, most of Rijk Zwaan packaging process was carried out by weighing systems. Using this method causes many losses as companies overfill each package in order to make sure that the end customer will receive the number of seeds he paid for.

The Solution

DATA’s S-660 integrative industrial counting machine provided Rijk Zwaan with a counter capable of reaching high levels of packaging rates with astonishing accuracy.

The Results

René Hendriks, Head Operations Coordination Centre at location De Lier, looks back on a successful project:
“There was a good collaboration between the technicians of DATA, Rijk Zwaan and Ausloos, the supplier of the current packaging machine. We could finish the project on time, and with the DATA Count S 660 integration, we can pack up to almost three times faster.”
Rene also said that during installation, technical issues were solved quickly. The integrative DATA counting machines enable seed processing companies to count and pack their products with a higher level of accuracy and speed. The industrial counting machines can be executed with up to 8 counting heads and integrated with all leading brands of packaging machines.