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News - Counting Diamonds: A Sparkling Leap in Precision

29 May 2023

Counting Diamonds: A Sparkling Leap in Precision


Historically, the diamond industry has been characterized by meticulous precision, especially when it comes to counting thousands of precious gemstones. However, the long-standing approach of counting gemstones by weight has often led to significant errors, sparking a need for a more accurate method. Enter DATA’s groundbreaking technology, a diamond counting machine that is poised to revolutionize how the diamond industry manages its inventory. This innovative machine, capable of counting up to 180,000 stones per hour, leverages DATA’s proprietary Image Counting & Identification (ICI) technology.

“Through our ICI technology, we’ve transformed the way diamonds are counted. Instead of weight-based estimations, we now provide an extremely precise count,” says a spokesperson for DATA. “Our diamond counting machine eliminates costly inaccuracies that have plagued the industry for years.”

Industry giants EZ Diamonds and Herbert Stephan KG are among the early adopters of this innovative technology. Robert Riff, Chief Rough & Manufacturing Officer at EZ Diamonds, shared his company’s experience, “After testing DATA’s diamond counter machine for a few days, we immediately recognized its potential. This is the exact solution we needed for counting our diamonds.”

Echoing this sentiment, Herbert Stephan KG also experienced significant savings within months of implementing the Diamond Counter JR-D. “The diamond counting machine exceeded our expectations. The savings were so significant that we ordered a second unit for another branch,” affirmed Knut Stephan.

Apart from its noteworthy accuracy, the diamond counting machine also offers unparalleled flexibility as it can count a wide range of diamond and gem sizes. Furthermore, it automates high-speed bulk counting, increasing throughput and streamlining operations. The compact design of DATA’s diamond counting machines ensures easy deployment in different workspaces. “Our vision-based bulk counting systems are designed with small footprints, making them easy to integrate into any workspace,” added the DATA spokesperson.

The diamond industry, with its meticulous nature and high-value products, seems a perfect match for DATA’s diamond counter machines. By eliminating human error, saving money, and enhancing operational efficiency, these machines are truly a cut above the rest. As DATA’s counting technology continues to gain traction, it’s setting a sparkling example for technological advancements in traditionally bound industries. Its introduction promises a bright future, not just for the diamond industry, but for any industry dealing with high-value, small products.

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