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News - Embracing the Future of Counting: DATA’s Product Range Streamlines Industrial Processes

29 May 2023

Embracing the Future of Counting: DATA’s Product Range Streamlines Industrial Processes


As industries evolve, their counting needs become increasingly complex. Recognizing these intricacies, DATA has introduced a dynamic range of small parts counting products that promise precision, efficiency, and versatility. Each solution in their lineup—from manual to semi-automatic and automatic—is engineered with particular scenarios in mind, empowering industries to choose the technology that best aligns with their specific needs.


Manual Counting: The DATA Count U-60 Spider Desktop and U-60 Spider Trolley

For scenarios that require frequent changeovers between parts coupled with a fast counting process, DATA’s manual solutions, the U-60 Spider Desktop and the U-60 Spider Trolley, stand out. They are designed to handle objects ranging from 5mm to 25mm, making them ideal for various components, barring rubber parts such as O-rings. These systems excel in picking operations, warehouse stations, and tasks that need a reference count for part weight calculation. The Spider Desktop, a compact solution, is perfect for desktop units, while the Spider Trolley, being mobile, extends this convenience and functionality to any location within the warehouse or factory floor.

Operation is straightforward: after a one-time short object setup, the operator selects the appropriate recipe (part, #bags, QTY per bag), places the object on the Spider table, and slides the parts into a dedicated area until reaching the target count. The Spider Trolley requires an extra step—manually cycling to the next bag—but it’s an easy process that integrates smoothly into existing workflows.


Semi-Automatic Counting: The Small Parts Counter Caterpillar U-60

When the task calls for faster counting without losing the ability to handle frequent changeovers, DATA’s Semi-Automatic Counting Solution, the Small Parts Counter Caterpillar U-60, rises to the occasion. This tabletop unit is uniquely suited for smaller objects within the 5mm to 25mm range. Ideal for picking, warehouse stations, and reference count tasks, this semi-automatic unit distinguishes itself by its automatic stop feature. Once the operator drops parts into the caterpillar receiving gateway, the system counts and halts when the target count is achieved, significantly reducing the scope for manual error and enhancing efficiency.


Automatic Counting & Bagging: The Small Parts Counter U-162B

For plants necessitating automatic counting and packaging, DATA offers the Automatic Counting & Bagging Solution: the Small Parts Counter U-162B. This sophisticated system accommodates objects from 7mm to 25mm, and it’s especially advantageous for operations that require repeated counts of the same object type and quantity per bag.

With a one-time object setup, the machine takes care of the rest, performing the counting and packaging according to the specified recipe. The process is entirely automated, making it an ideal solution for high-volume, high-precision manufacturing scenarios.

Choosing the Right Fit

Each product in DATA’s lineup holds unique strengths, making them best suited to different scenarios. The Spider Desktop and Trolley are excellent for quick counting tasks with frequent changeovers, while the Caterpillar U-60 offers a semi-automatic approach to the same scenario with a speedier counting process. For operations that demand automation, the DATA Count U162B offers a comprehensive solution.

Ultimately, the choice depends on a careful evaluation of an industry’s counting needs, available resources, and operational constraints. But whatever the choice, DATA’s innovative product range ensures that a streamlined, efficient counting process is within reach.


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