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News - Origene Success Story

25 May 2020

Origene Success Story

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The Customer

Origene is an innovative international seed company, active in research, plant breeding, seed production and processing, sales, and marketing of hybrid vegetable varieties. The company’s strategy is to develop new hybrids with novel traits of quality, taste, flavor, uniformity, high nutrition values, and shelf life combined with high-yield and environmentally friendly. The hybrid varieties are suitable for the commercial outdoor or greenhouse growers as well for plant raisers, for the professional sectors.


The Challenge

Our standard packs contain 5k-10k seeds, but in many cases, we also have to pack 1k seeds per bag. As quantities grow year-over-year, we were looking for a packing solution that will improve our efficiency. On the one hand, this will allow us to provide precise amounts of seeds per bag and on the other hand, most importantly, will enable us to match the growing needs.

The Solution

Origene purchased DATA’s Seed Counter S-60, which is specially designed to count large seeds and large quantities of seeds. The company uses our seed counting machine to pack small, as well as large quantities of 1k-10k seeds.

The Results

“We had an excellent experience in many aspects. We can count 5k-10k seeds between 50-80 seconds with very high accuracy, and this way, we can also save a large number of seeds rather than packing it by weight. I do not doubt that as needs will grow, we would need to increase our capacity, and DATA Technologies and its counting solution would probably be our first choice,” explain Eyal Yossef, Origene supply chain manager.

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