News - Shaar Ha’amakim Seeds Success Story

26 May 2020

Shaar Ha’amakim Seeds Success Story

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The Customer

Sha’ar Ha’amakim Seeds Ltd specializes in breeding, production, and marketing of confectionery sunflower seeds. Among their seeds, you can find some of the most extended sunflower seeds in the world.


The Challenge

Sunflower seeds are packed by seed count, while each bag usually contains 100,000 seeds. As Sunflower seeds variation in size is very big within the same lot, even after processing the seeds, the TSW is not very stable. This requires that our sample will be as high as possible to achieve the most representative sample.

The Solution

Shaar Ha’amakim Seeds purchased DATA’s Seed Counter S-60, which is specially designed to count large seeds and large quantities of seeds. The company can easily count 1,000 seeds in less than a minute. The sample size is 10 times bigger and the company can adjust the scale while packaging to be more precise.

The Results

“Besides the seed savings, we reduce the sampling time, and there is less chance for human errors. DATA Technologies counting solutions is the best choice, and we are delighted with it”, explains Mr. Shlomo Tirosh, Shaar Haamakim CEO.