News - Hishtil Success Story

31 May 2020

Hishtil Success Story



The Customer

Hishtil is a leading and innovative international nurseries company that produces young plants to professional growers. Hishtil skillfully utilizes vegetable grafting technologies and develops products and methods in response to growers’ needs. The company focuses on the smart use of expensive hybrid seeds, solutions to soil-borne diseases, environment-friendly agriculture, growing inputs saving, etc.


The Challenge

At Hishtil, we deal with millions of seeds every day. The standard practice of estimation by weight is not good enough for us. The use of extremely high priced seeds dictates using most accurate counts for successful management of our business.

The Solution

Hishtil purchased Seed counter, which accurately counts thousands of seeds daily.

The Results

“With DATA’s seed counter, we can avoid costly mistakes and have real control of our stock.”
“Our company already found a 7% difference in the machine count versus quantities stated by a supplier. This incident alone justified the total investment.” Says Ariel Serousi, Hishtil’s CFO.