News - Genesis Seeds Success Story

27 May 2020

Genesis Seeds Success Story

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The Customer

Genesis Seeds is a production and Research Company based in Israel, which specializes in vegetable, herb and flower seed, and offers F-1 hybrid, open-pollinated and heirloom varieties. The production procedures are held in strict conditions, according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 standards. Genesis customers speared from North America to western Europe and beyond.


The Challenge

During the years, Genesis grew to be one of the world’s largest producers of certified organic vegetables, herb, and flower seed. Production increase quickly led to new needs, and the company began seeking solutions that would overcome their unique challenges, especially in inventory counting. The thought was to find a machine which can be used in all seed types but still maintains a high level of counting accuracy, to ensure accurate inventory.

The Solution

Dealing with large seed varieties requires a ‘smart system,’ which can be adjusted to all seeds. The system must be accurate to enable precise inventory management, but at the same time suited for the production of increasing production capacity. While searching for such a device, Genesis encountered DATA’s counting solutions. The unheralded counting speed combined with 99.9% accuracy, made DATA the ideal solution. Genesis purchased the Count&Fill S-25 Seed Counter model, which can count both small seeds, such as flower seeds, as well as various vegetable seeds.
The C&F S-25 Seed Counter is used in Genesis mainly for inventory management, a procedure almost impossible to do in the past. With the new C&F S-25 Seed Counter, Genesis can now quickly count and package small orders and large orders accurately.

The Results

“By using DATA Count & Fill S-25 counting machine, Genesis can know the precise inventory count. The need for maintaining large seed inventory was diminished, and the depreciation in stock decreased. Furthermore, as most of Genesis products are sold by weight, the company uses the DATA Count & Fill for control purposes, to ensure sufficient seed count. DATA’s Count & Fill S-25 Seed Counter was a worthwhile and cost-effective investment, resulting in the ability to conduct strict inventory management supported by constant live data, precise counting to ensure accurate sales for each product and reduced time consumption in daily seed processing procedures.” explains Shai Nir the CEO of Genesis Seeds.