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Vision Based Bulk Counting Technologies

  Introduction Until the 1970s, tablet and capsule dispensing was a highly time-consuming manual operation resulting in costly errors. As more and more new and expensive medications were developed by both branded and generic pharmaceutical companies, the need for automated counting, bulk counting, and dispensing solutions quickly became a critical part of the industry. Today,

Indian Seed Market Case Study

S-460 seed counting machine

The Indian seed market is going through a vast agricultural revolution. Indian farmers understand the difference between high quality and high-volume. Seed companies of all sizes that invest heavily in R&D understand that counting seeds is an essential tool for saving money, especially at the final stage of the process when seeds are packed in

Main Challenges for Seed Manufacturers in 2019

S-25 Seed Counter

In the normal flow, seed manufacturers package and sell tens, perhaps even hundreds of millions of seeds during each season. These packages, in varying quantities, are sold to nurseries, gardening stores, landscapers, gardeners, perhaps even packaged for sale to homeowners. Amazingly enough, the seed industry largely remains one that conducts transactions by relying on estimated

How Data’s Advanced Technology Can Solve the Challenges of Industrial Manufactures

Small Parts Bulk Counter U60B

As technology evolves, an increasing number of products are becoming smaller than their previous models. Correspondingly, components used to manufacture these products are also becoming smaller and smaller, down to micro-components which are not much larger than a speck of dust. When it comes to industrial manufactures/manufacturing, injection molding has become a common practice to

Why Choose DATA Detection Technologies Counting Solutions?

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There are plenty of counting solutions and machines in industrial countries. One can find almost in every country around the world its local made counting machines. What about the quality, well, this is a different story.   Counting machine made to replace human labor as counting by hands is too slow when quantities rise. Therefore,

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