White Papers - Why Choose DATA Detection Technologies Counting Solutions?

Why Choose DATA Detection Technologies Counting Solutions?

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There are plenty of counting solutions and machines in industrial countries. One can find almost in every country around the world its local made counting machines. What about the quality, well, this is a different story.


Counting machine made to replace human labor as counting by hands is too slow when quantities rise. Therefore, when looking at counting solutions the most critical parameter to look at will be its accuracy, and the second, its speed. Off course, another crucial parameter like the ease of use and reliability and price will also take under consideration, but in order to be part of the game, a good counting machine should count correct!

The most common way to count today is by LED and CCD. This is a simple method where every object that crosses the light creates a signal. This signal represents a counted object. The problem comes when two objects fall at once. Then, there is still one signal even though two objects fell. To prevent such cases, the entire counting machines based on this principle, have to feed the objects one by one.

Counting small amount of 1-10 pieces don’t take too long, and one can live with slow counting machine, however, the higher the number, this method is not relevant anymore, unless you combine many channels and then price becomes an issue. This is the main reason until now, counting machine based on this principle are common only with wealthy companies who can afford multi-channels solutions.

The Second counting solution which is in use with several companies based its counting on Vision camera. These solutions allow feed the object in bulk and maintaining the high accuracy. However, Vision cameras are expensive shelf components and combining them in a counting machine can be pricey for the end-user which again, can be afforded only by wealthy companies.

The third and most advanced counting solution which is in use by DATA Technologies Ltd. is counting solution which is based on a camera that was developed and designed by the company’s expert team. It means that not only one can count objects in bulk, sometimes reaching a thousand objects per second, but also maintain the highest accuracy which is nearly 100%, and all in affordable price that allows every company to enjoy accurate counting machine.


DATA Technologies solutions offer today a wide range of counting solutions from standalone counters to fully automatic counting solutions. Besides over thousand customers in the diamondseed and the pharma industry, DATA also have many units in use with customer counting O ring, small screws and other metal parts, capacitors, small wooden parts, connectors, contactors, LED and more which are related to the industrial industry.

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