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White Papers - Indian Seed Market Case Study

Indian Seed Market Case Study

S-460 seed counting machine

The Indian seed market is going through a vast agricultural revolution. Indian farmers understand the difference between high quality and high-volume. Seed companies of all sizes that invest heavily in R&D understand that counting seeds is an essential tool for saving money, especially at the final stage of the process when seeds are packed in bags.


The benefits of Seed by Count for seed companies:

    • Enhanced Enterprise Value: Revenue & Profitability – Seed savings reflects on the ‘bottom line.’
    • Attractive Payback – Optimum use of the machine generates attractive payback
    • Higher Market Share – New method of selling seeds converts into a higher market share
    • Brand Enhancement – Improvement in product and sales strategies enhances the company’s brand
    • Technology- Driven Reputation – The latest technology and position in the market improve brand reputation
    • Competitive Advantage – Providing farmers with a precise number of seeds enhances competitive advantage
    • Prominent Positioning – Focusing efforts and optimizing products for farmers leads to prominent market positioning


DATA Detection Technologies offers all the above benefits and more, with various counting solutions. As a leading supplier of counting systems to various industries, including vegetables and crop seeds, pharmaceuticals, diamonds, and industrial components, DATA installed over 1,900 units worldwide since 2008.

Our customers benefit from our machines’ rapid and accurate counting capabilities, allowing them to eliminate inferior methods such as manual counting or weighing. Our customers report a rapid ROI, in many cases much quicker than they expected.

Since no two seeds are the same, the disadvantage of packing seeds by weight is a significant variation in the same amount between any two bags, leading to 2 main consequences:

1. Seed companies tend to supply an excess amount of seeds to make sure their customers get the promised amount.

2. On the other hand, farmers have no idea how many seeds they will receive in each bag, so they tend to order additional bags to be sure they get the required amount.


The importance of seed counting In the Indian seed market

Only with counting-based systems, both the seed company and the farmer can know exactly how many seeds each bag contains. Consequently, the seed company can reduce the automatic over-fill and the farmer can purchase the precise amount of seeds needed, and the outcome is a substantial financial saving for both sides.


Customer experience – Indian seed market

A leading Indian seed company is selling approximately 17 varieties of vegetable seeds. Their yearly sales volume is nearly 2.4 million packets of seeds by count. The customer was planning to expand its volume to approximately 27 varieties and 4 million packets every year. The average over-fill in each packet of 10 grams is 5 %, i.e., 100 seeds. To deal with the challenge, the customer decided to buy a multi-head counting machine, DATA Count S460, a four-head counting system that has the capacity to count roughly 15,000 bottles of 2,000 chili seeds in 8 hours!


Main Benefits the customer gained:

1. By choosing the counting method, they can expect to save approximately 10000 seeds per Kg

2. Savings estimation: approximately INR 1350 per Kg

3. Saving Labor Costs

4. Minimal human intervention since the complete packing line is automatic

5. The comparatively low price of seeds due to selling seeds by count

6. Pioneer in adopting the latest & advanced count and pack technology in India


DATA Technologies has already installed more than 55 seed counting machines in India, including for the top 10 seed companies. DATA is looking forward to repeating its success in the Indian seed market and repeat on the success of installing more multi-head systems

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