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100% Accuracy
Easy Handling of difficult products
Broken tablet detection
Dust Insensitive
Minimal Downtime
Minimal Footprint


The ICU tablet counter or tablet counting machine utilizes advanced real-time image processing technology to enable highly accurate (100%) counting of tablets in bulk.

Instead of using several narrow tracks that carry one tablet at a time like other tablet counting machines, the image processing technology uses one wide track to count multiple objects such as tablets and capsules, all at once – hence ‚bulk counting.‘

Our tablet counters can eliminate the need to separate tablets before counting, feed them one by one or space them out at specific intervals. The result is 3-5 times the output per footprint.

The conceptual difference between the ICU tablet counter and all other tablet counting machines is that it was developed as a technological solution rather than a mechanical one. Counting is carried out by an advanced algorithm developed by a team of highly experienced multi-disciplinary professionals from the fields of electronics, optics, mechanics and computer sciences. This unique collaboration resulted in the emergence of the most advanced counting technology – ‚bulk counting.‘


100% Accuracy
The ICU tablet counter utilizes advanced real-time image processing technology… [+]
Insensitive to dust
The counting unit is separated from the tracks, which means… [+]
Minimal downtime for cleaning
All contact parts are designed for tool-free release in accordance with GMP… [+]
Easy handling of difficult objects and counts
Feeding the objects on a wide track and the existing… [+]
Fast changeover
5-minute changeovers due to lightweight contact parts designed for tool-free… [+]
Embedded broken detection capabilities
The ICU tablet counter provides broken tablet detection capabilities. The… [+]
Automatic new product setup
Automatic product calibration is performed when products are placed on… [+]
Extremely low maintenance
A single channel consists off our feeders(off the shelf), one… [+]

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