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News - Fully Automated Seed Counting Solutions – Meet the Seed Counter C&W S-160

14 July 2021

Fully Automated Seed Counting Solutions – Meet the Seed Counter C&W S-160

Answering market demand for small-scale automation, Data Detection Technologies proudly presents the latest addition to the fully automated seed counting solutions – Seed Counter C&W (counting and weighing) S-160.




The Seed Counter is one of DATA’s integrative industrial seed counter series. Seed processing procedures can be upgraded cost-effectively by combining this highly accurate seed counter with the current packaging machine. The Seed Counter C&W S-160 can either replace weight filling or volumetric dosing systems or be integrated as an additional device that expands packaging abilities with minimal expense.


Make sure to check out the Seed Counter C&W S-160 in action:


Following a simplistic protocol, DATA’s S-160 C&W Seed Counter can easily be combined with existing or new packaging machines, resulting in a new, modern counting and packaging system. The counting machine is also offered in expanded versions – The S-160 C&W includes entry-level automated packing solutions producing outputs of up to 6 packed and sealed seed bags per minute. This is a long-awaited solution for medium-scale operations in the seed business.

For more information on any of the Seed Counter C&W S-160 solutions, make sure to contact us here.