Proven Technology
DATA is the leading supplier of counting solutions to the seed industry, with more than 1,000 installations worldwide
Significant Savings
Highly accurate (100%) counting eliminates costly overfills
Enhanced Throughput
Fast, vision-based bulk counting means more orders processed per shift, with full process management
Cost-Effective Investment
A single counting system can be easily configured to handle many different seed types


Seed counting accuracy can have a significant impact on profitability throughout the seed value chain. For example, the industry practice of overfilling by 3-5% in order to ensure minimum quantities can cost a seed manufacturer or distributor hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost revenue each year.

DATA has revolutionized the seed industry by replacing inefficient, costly weight- and volume-based seed processing procedures with an advanced, vision-based bulk counting technology that provides unmatched speed and accuracy, without compromising either.

Using DATA’s proprietary 360° image processing ICI technology, seeds are counted in real-time as they free-fall vertically through the detection unit at a uniform rate. Count accuracy levels of 100% are achieved in the same timeframe as seed weighing or volumetric methodologies.


Eliminates Costly Overfilling
Increase revenue and profits by eliminating the overfilled items often… [+]
Unprecedented Flexibility
Each DATA system is designed to count any quantity of… [+]
Better Process Management
Stored count and packaging data is easily retrieved by third-party… [+]
Increased Throughput
Increase throughput and shorten response times from order to delivery… [+]
Improved Quality Control
DATA’s vision-based systems can process very large quantities of seeds… [+]
Enhanced Field Trial Support
Benchtop models provide automatic, error-free seed counting for field trials,… [+]

Our Clients

  • Axia Vegetable Seeds


  • Rijk Zwaan

  • PanDia Seeds

  • Innova Seeds

  • We are very happy with your machine, without your machines we will not be able to supply on time and due to the saving we will pay back the machine in less than a year. By the way our 260 has been working nonstop since early January and I am loving it.
    Khaled Kazzaz, CEO, Innova Seeds Co.
  • Piet Zweed, Process Specialist, Syngenta Seeds

  • Heinz Seeds

  • Shorashim Nursery

  • Agricultural Research Organization (ARO)

  • We are using 2 DATA Counters, Count & Fill S60 ,since 2015. We are very much satisfied with the consistent performance in counting accuracy. DATA machines are working on very high standards at satisfactory level. With DATA Counters we are able to supply the need of sales channel in a stipulated time”
    Mr. Prashant Khade, Seed Processing Plant Head , Sungro Seeds Pvt Ltd, India
  • We purchased the Data Count S-60 plus machine. The machine is user friendly. The accuracy in count , the savings in time & the reliability is quite amazing. The Team enjoys working on this machine and packing small seeds are no longer a tedious process. Having this machine as part of our operations has increased the efficiency. We should have procured this a little earlier.
    K.Sunil Kumar, Head - Finance & Accounts, Tropica Seeds Private Limited
  • Horizon Herbs packages, about a thousand species of seeds, ranging from very tiny to very large, and they come in every imaginable shape. We rely on the Data Count S-60 to quickly and reliably package this diverse array of seed sizes and shapes. The exact seed counts are helping us get the most out of our seed inventory. We received first rate installation and training on the machine, and when we had a problem with the counting head, received a working replacement in record time, with no questions asked. Highly recommended.
    Richo Cech, Owner, Horizon Herbs
  • Teva has purchased the JR-PH counting machine for R&D purpose, we are using it for the last 4 years for counting beads (pellets) which are relatively small objects used in pharmaceutical industry. It is highly recommended for counting small particles in the same weight & size, which are undergoing the coating process.
    Gabriel Welber, Russia Project Manager, GGR&D EMIA & APAC, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
  • We are using our Data Counter S-25 for the 3rd year now and we are very pleased with the speed the accuracy and the reliability. The counter is connecting with a scale and the data from the scale is transferred directly to our computer so we eliminate most of the human error. This combination of the Data counter machine and the direct connectivity allow us to improve our processes and in result increase accuracy, work more efficiently and save money.
    Art Campos, Operations Manager, Crookham Company
  • Our lab staff is thrilled with the new seed counter. We look forward to getting the second one.
    Ms. Carol Libby, Laboratory Manager, Seed Dynamics, Inc
  • We are using our Data Counter S-25 and Data count S-60 every day and we are very happy with the accuracy and even more with the speed. Tasks that used to take us 20-30 min, we finish now in 3-4 min. It is amazing how much more efficient we became.
    Jean H. Tolliver, RST, Quality Specialist II, Syngenta Pasco

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