The PHJR was developed in cooperation with a leading pharmaceutical company as a solution for in-process monitoring of particle coating.

The PHJR particle coating counter immediately detects the impact on particle weight gain from changes in coating parameters (such as atomizing pressure, inlet temperature, or flow rate).

The PHJR has been shown to improve particle weight gain accuracy by ~15%.


100% accuracy, depending on particle size and shape [+]
Can count pellets, granules and mini-tablets at up to 10,000… [+]
Size range 0.2-3mm
Can count an unlimited number of particles [+]
Easy set-up when weighing a new particle [+]
High-speed vibratory bowl feeder [+]
Ionizer prevents electrostatic binding of particles [+]

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 110/220 VAC
  • Bowl feeder maximum weight: 50 gr
  • Environmental conditions: For indoor use only
  • Weight: 5 kg

In process control

Our Clients

  • The new ICU machine has been vastly better when it comes to counting accuracy compared to the other ones we have, we are extremely happy!
    Emil Kostadinov, Project Manager, Kendy Pharma Ltd
  • In the past, we had problems with accuracy when counting small tablets, as well as problems related to powdered and uncoated tablets, the transition to DATA's ICU machine solved all the problems, we are very satisfied
    Yongho Lee, Production team head, Korea United Pharm
  • We have many different types of formats and we need to change several times a day. The ICU machine is perfect for that, completely flexible. As for the accuracy, its perfect we have 0 complaints
    Aleksandar Penyashki, Chief Engineer, Fortex Ltd
  • At the machine approval stage, we thoroughly examined the accuracy of the count by manually verifying more than 10000 bottles, the result was perfect
    United Pharm - Yongho Lee, Production team head
  • Teva has purchased the JR-PH counting machine for R&D purpose, we are using it for the last 4 years for counting beads (pellets) which are relatively small objects used in pharmaceutical industry. It is highly recommended for counting small particles in the same weight & size, which are undergoing the coating process.
    Gabriel Welber, Russia Project Manager, GGR&D EMIA & APAC, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

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