Counting Kit

When examining a product life cycle within a manufacturing company, the process can be divided into two main stations: product production and product packaging. When referring to DATA’s counting head series, the focus is usually on the production.
During the production process, products pass through numerous stations which ‘create’ a certain layer of the product, until the products reach the final station and are ready to be packed. These stations can be divided into ‘all-products-pass’ stations, and stations which analyze the products and reject defected products. In addition, after passing a certain station, a portion of the products are assigned for additional quality assurance tests.
DATA’s counting heads can be applied in those two intersections: rejected products and products assigned for QA processes.

Counting Kit components

DATA’s Counting Kit provides a flexible counting platform for companies interested in designing their own system. The main Counting Kit components are:
• DATA’s propriety 60mm detection unit
• PC & software
• Dedicated hardware

Our Clients

  • Once I was introduced to the DATA Counter, I decided it fits our company’s need for counting small medical implants of 5mm x 1mm size. It completely answered our needs for accuracy and repeatability.
    Brad Hines, Lean Coordinator, Paragon Medical

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