C&F U60

The Count & Fill U60 quickly and accurately counts electronic components as small as 1mm, automatically filling separate bags with user-defined quantities. This highly reliable system was developed for electronic component manufacturers of all sizes. The 30-funnel carousel rotates continuously until the order is complete.

  • 100% accuracy
  • Efficient use of labor
  • Ideal for semi-automatic packaging of medium-sized orders


Precisely counts all component shapes from 1-25mm in diameter [+]
Rapidly counts and fills massive quantities of components at user-defined… [+]
30 funnels per carousel
Touch-panel, user-friendly operator console
Fast emptying
Air system protection on the detection unit
Option for manual filling

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 115/230 VAC, 1 phase
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 150 W
  • Circuit breaker rate: Minimum 10A slow-blow
  • Air connector: 6mm
  • Air consumption: ~4.5 L/min
  • Compressed dry air: 0.1 Bar (continuously during operation)
  • Dimensions (cm): 83 x 75 x 205 (W x D x H)
  • Hopper size: 11,500cc, 11.5 liter
  • Weight: ~100 kg
  • Packet size (mm):
    • Minimum: 95 x 140 (W x H)
    • Maximum: 200 x 300


Our Clients

  • Once I was introduced to the DATA Counter, I decided it fits our company’s need for counting small medical implants of 5mm x 1mm size. It completely answered our needs for accuracy and repeatability.
    Brad Hines, Lean Coordinator, Paragon Medical

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