About us

DATA Detection Technologies Ltd., established in 2002, develops, manufactures and markets advanced counting and packaging solutions.

Our multidisciplinary R&D team includes professionals in electro-optics, electronics, software and mechanical engineering. We develop novel, real-time image processing technologies and incorporate them into vision-based bulk counting systems that provide unparalleled counting speed and accuracy.

DATA’s proprietary counting and packaging systems are used by over 1,900 customers worldwide for a wide range of applications in the seeds, diamonds, pharmaceutical and small parts industries:

  • Our extensive product lines ensure that our customers get the most cost-effective counting solution for their scope of operations, with a rapid ROI.
  • Our counting and packaging systems introduce a level of accuracy that is simply not attainable by the weight-based systems often used today for counting and packaging items that are sold by units, such as seeds, precious gems and many types of small parts (hardware, electronics, etc.).
  • Our counters add value in many areas of operation beyond packaging — from inventory management, to processing, to QA, to production.
  • Our bulk tablet counters represent a paradigm shift for the pharma industry: 100% accurate, compact, high-throughput, low-maintenance.
  • Our tabletop seed and pellet counters are ideal for research applications for whom highly precise counting is mission-critical, such as agricultural field trials or drug development.


DATA Detection Technologies is committed to leading the counting and packaging industry with:
Breakthrough, vision-based bulk counting technology
Superior industrial processing and packaging solutions
Innovative QA and inspection equipment to ensure that products adhere to strict regulatory and quality requirements

Our innovative product families provide unique and superior solutions for the processing challenges faced by thousands of companies in the seeds, pharmaceutical and small-parts industries.

As we expand the functionality of our products, our counting technology will continue to address the needs of additional industries and companies worldwide.


Gil Rosenfeld
CEO & Chairman

Mr. Rosenfeld joined DATA Detection Technologies in July 2013 as co-CEO and Chief Commercial Officer. Prior to DATA, he held the positions of Executive VP, Global Sales and Product Marketing at Fundtech and VP Business Division at Partner Telecommunications (Orange Israel). Mr. Rosenfeld has also worked for HP Israel and HP Europe, where he held the positions of Country Managing Director, Personal Systems Sales Director, Personal Systems Group Country Manager and Country Sales Manager. Mr. Rosenfeld received an Honours degree in Business Information Systems and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.

Gil Rosenfeld gil@data-technologies.com
Boaz Eyni

Mr. Eyni brings more than 15 years of finance management experience for publicly-traded and hi tech companies. Mr. Eyni is a CPA and holds a BA in Economics and Accounting and an MBA from the Jerusalem School of Business Administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Boaz Eyni boaz@data-technologies.com
Yossi Shomer
R&D Manager

Mr. Shomer has more than 15 years of experience in research, development and academic positions at the Jerusalem Lev Institute. Prior to joining the DATA team, he was responsible for developing equipment for several industries, including medical devices. Mr. Shomer’s areas of expertise include lasers, fiber-optics and detectors.

Eitan Housman
Production Manager

Mr. Housman, one of DATA’s founders, has more than 35 years of experience in the field of mechanics, machining, serial production and final integration.
Mr. Housman established and manages DATA’s production line from development to final production.

Eyal Stern
Customer Experience Manager

Mr. Stern manages the department that coordinates and communicates customer requests and queries to all company departments, as well as providing timely responses to customers. Mr. Stern has a degree in Mathematics and Computers and has worked for HP Israel and Motorola world-wide in customer services and sales management positions.

Eyal Stern eyal@data-technologies.com
Arela Koter Hamou
Marketing Manager

Ms. Koter Hamou designs and implements the company’s marketing strategy.

Ms. Koter Hamou is responsible for DATA’s positioning and branding as an innovative, hi-tech bulk counting company. Prior to DATA, Ms. Koter Hamou was Marketing Manager at a leading international management consulting company (AVIVAMCG) and an Account Executive in a prominent advertising agency.

Ms. Koter Hamou has a BA in Management and Communication from the College of Management Academic Studies.

Arela Koter Hamou arela@data-technologies.com
Nir Yoel Shavitt
Seeds Business Unit Manager

Mr. Shavitt graduated in 2006 from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in East Asia Studies. After another year of studies in China, Nir became fluent in the Chinese language, with a deep understanding of Chinese culture and history. Since Mr. Shavitt joined DATA Detection Technologies in 2007, he has held a wide variety of positions from sales & marketing, to technical support, to Business Development and Sales Management in several geographic markets including the USA, France, Brazil, Turkey and all East Asian countries. With his strong belief in DATA’s technology and his extensive experience in the seed industry, Mr. Shavitt brings the bulk counting message to customers around the globe.

Nir Yoel Shavitt nir@data-technologies.com
Sorin Nucham
Pharma Business Unit Manager

Mr. Nucham focuses on planning and implementing the company’s business and product strategy for the fast-growing field of pharma counting and inspection machinery.

Mr. Nucham holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Sorin Nucham sorin@data-technologies.com
Ilana Karvonen-Gad
Small Parts Business Unit Manager

Ms. Ilana Karvonen-Gad is the business unit manager of DATA’s industrial division (also known as Universal division). She holds a BA in Social Sciences (majoring in Economics), MA, and has been called to the Bar in Israel.

Ms. Karvonen-Gad initially joined DATA in 2011 as the marketing manager. Under her leadership, DATA developed its marketing platform, building the foundation of today’s successful Diamond and Seed business units.

In 2014 Ms. Karvonen-Gad left DATA to carry out her Law internship at the Ministry of Justice, following which Ms. Karvonen-Gad returned to DATA to take up her present position.

Ilana Karvonen-Gad ilana@data-technologies.com