100% Accuracy
Easy Handling of difficult products
Broken tablet detection
Dust Insensitive
Minimal Downtime
Minimal Footprint


Today pharmaceutical companies rely on slat, vibratory or rotary wheel technologies to count and pack their products. Although each machine has its own counting method and speed, they all count one tablet at a time.

DATA’s advanced real-time image processing technology enables wide track counting of multiple tablets/capsules simultaneously, with no need to separate them before counting.

DATA’s ground-breaking, vision-based, bulk tablet/capsule counting delivers 3 times the output per footprint, with 100% count accuracy.


100% Accurate
DATA’s proprietary, vision-based ICU bulk counting technology is both fast… [+]
Insensitive to Dust
The counting unit is separate from the tracks, significantly reducing… [+]
Minimal Downtime for Cleaning
10-minute in-process cleaning required once every 8 hours. System alerts… [+]
Small Footprint
With no need for multiple narrow tracks or cumbersome rotary… [+]
Fast Changeover
5-minute changeovers due to lightweight contact parts designed for tool-free… [+]
Cost-Effective Quality Control
Real-time detection of broken or non-conforming tablets. Filling of affected… [+]
No Blind Spots
As per GMP requirements, the operator has full view of… [+]
Pellet Counting
Benchtop model for quick and accurate bulk counting of pellets… [+]

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