Counted objectsUp to 3mm

Counted objectsUp to 15mm

Counted objectsUp to 25mm

 Large Objects

 Integration Systems

Significant Savings
Enhanced Throughput
Reduced Labor Costs
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DATA’s proprietary 360° image processing ICI technology counts small objects in real-time as they free-fall vertically through the detection unit at a uniform rate. The technology can handle a wide variety of complex and intricate small industrial parts such as electronic, medical, aerospace, hardware, injection moulding, and many others.

With no need to feed parts one at a time at specific intervals, counting rates of up to 25,000 objects per minute can be achieved for parts as small as 3mm and as large as 25mm. Advanced mathematical algorithms ensure near-100% count accuracy.


Eliminates Costly Inaccuracies
Whether preparing kits for the assembly line or packaging products… [+]
Unprecedented Flexibility
Each DATA system is designed to count any number of… [+]
Increased Throughput
Automated, high-speed bulk counting streamlines the throughput of any department… [+]
Enhanced Process Management
Counting reports are saved and can easily be retrieved and analyzed.… [+]
Easy to Operate
Carefully designed human-machine interfaces make it easy for operators to… [+]
Ease of Deployment
The small footprints of DATA’s vision-based bulk counting systems make… [+]
Incorporate high-speed counting of industrial parts into the picking process… [+]

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