Significant Savings
Eliminates the costly inaccuracies introduced by weight-based inventory and packaging of high-value small products such as gemstones
Enhanced Throughput
Fast, vision-based bulk counting means more objects processed per shift, with full process management
Reduced Labor Costs
Fully automated, user-friendly counting systems
Cost-Effective Investment
A single counting system can be easily configured to handle a wide range of small object types and shapes
Research Support
Accurate counts of small organisms, such as insects, at each stage of research


DATA’s technology was originally developed to meet the needs of the diamond industry, which relied on weight to estimate the number of gemstones per package. Miscounting even a small number of gemstones – or any other high-value small object – would result in substantial loss.

DATA’s proprietary 360° image processing ICI technology counts small objects in real-time as they free-fall vertically through the detection unit at a uniform rate. DATA’s advanced counting systems replace weight-based count estimates with a highly accurate, cost-effective counting solution that has revolutionized the jewelry industry and other industries that deal with high-value small products, such as insects. Insect companies are embracing DATA’s innovative counting solutions because innovation is a core value for them, and because DATA’s machines can cover a wide range of insect sizes – from immature to adults.


Eliminates Costly Inaccuracies
Miscounting high-value small objects as part of inventory control or… [+]
Unprecedented Flexibility
Each DATA system is designed to count many types of… [+]
Increased Throughput
Automated, high-speed bulk counting streamlines the throughput of any department… [+]
Enhanced Process Management
Stored count data is easily retrieved by third-party inventory and… [+]
Ease of Deployment
The small footprints of DATA’s vision-based bulk counting systems make… [+]

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